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Lunar and Solar Eclipses in Carroll County During October 2014

partial phase totality setting in clouds
Above: A beautiful total lunar eclipse was observed prior to sunrise in Carroll County on October 8. Partial eclipse (left); total eclipse during morning twilight (center); and totally eclipsed moon setting into the clouds just prior to sunrise (right). These images were shot using a Borg brand 5-inch APO refractor on a Vixen German Equatorial mount.

Click on images to open full resolution image in a new window. (Photo credit: Curtis Roelle)

Partial Solar Eclipse
Above: A sunset partial solar eclipse was viewed from Carroll County on October 23. Although the horizon was cloudy, fleeting glimpses (such as this one) of the sun with its right-hand edge dented from the occulting lunar disk, were visible between breaks in the clouds and trees. A sheet of welder's glass was dangled in front of a telephoto lens in this image.

Click on image to open larger image (2.1 MB) in a new window. (Photo credit: Curtis Roelle)

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